2014. december 18., csütörtök

Hot red Wine or Forralt bor

The scent of hot wine covers Budapest like a soft blanket, it is December and time for Christmas market. Every square, big or small, have its own market. The most famous Christmas market is located on Vörösmarty ter. Here you can find locally produced gifts, typical Hungarian dishes and of course hot wine or Forralt bor which is the name in Hungarian. If you have never been in Budapest in December I can recommend you to come. Book a consultation at Kreativ Dental and enjoy the Christmas markets at the same time. Can it be better?

Even if there are signs with “Forralt Bor” in almost every corner I have my favorite seller on Szell Kalman ter former Moszkva ter. I must admit that during December I go off the Metro one stop earlier just to buy my Forralt bor, I love it.

November and December have been hectically month at Kreativ Dental. Many patients and one dentist short because of a broken arm. We close for Christmas 19 December and we will open again 5 January.

Hereby I would like to wish my readers, our patients and the entire staff at Kreativ Dental a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year. See you in 2015.

2014. november 21., péntek

Our dental laboratory at Kreativ Dental

The key to success is teamwork. You have already read about how Kreativ Dental cooperate with our country representatives throughout Europe and in the USA, how Kreativ Dental cooperate with our drivers, how Kreativ Dental cooperates with the partner hotels etc. Still I have not mentioned the most important teamwork; the teamwork between the dentists and the dental technicians.  Kreativ Dental is unique in that way that the clinic has an in-house dental lab with 20 professional technicians.

To have a dental lab in the same building as the clinic has many advantages. Treatments can be performed faster because of  minimized delivery times, and most important of all is that the dental technician can see the patient and in that way producing teeth that suits her.
Feel free to ask about a tour at the lab when you come as a patient, we are more than willing to show you how the technicians work.

“A chain can never be stronger than the weakest link”, that is why Kreativ Dental is professional in every step.

2014. október 22., szerda

What a weekend!

Not even a dentist at Kreativ Dental works 24-7, we also have the weekends free. Last Saturday was one of my favorite Saturdays during the year, Budapest Marathon. I just love Marathon wherever it is in the world. So many happy people who have been training so hard and are able to carry out such a performance. 20,000 participants, of whom one quarter were foreigners. To mark the occasion the sun was shining from a bright blue sky and Budapest appeared as the most beautiful city in Europe, which it also is if you ask me.

Do not think that I ran the whole distance 42 kilometer, no. Unfortunately my knee is too bad for the longer distance now a day, but just to participate is a must. This time, I had the pleasure of participating in one of Telenor's relay team. 15 km was the distance I run, and it fitted me perfectly.

I can admit that it was maybe a little bit too hot for running that day but just think about the alternative, rain and 10 degrees, no I am not complaining. Just to drink a little bit more water.

I can warmly recommend you to come to Europe's most beautiful city, Budapest . If not for Marathon so come and visit Kreativ Dental.

Read Creative Dental's fine reviews on Google.  We have so many satisfied patients from the whole Europe and also USA.

2014. szeptember 30., kedd

September greetings

Dear readers, I hope you are all doing well.

Summer is over and the winter is slowly coming closer. The nights are getting colder. Yesterday morning I could, for the first time in a long time, feel that the heating system in our house was running. Many people dislike this part of the year when days get shorter and the temperature is sinking. For me the autumn and winter are always welcome. The autumn is the most beautiful season with its lovely colors in the nature and the fresh air after a long and hot summer.   

At Kreativ Dental we have more patients than ever and I am so pleased to see that so many people have chosen Kreativ Dental for their dental treatment.

As a dentist I know that there are many highly skilled dentists in all countries so why choose Kreativ Dental in Budapest? The answer is that we can do high quality dental treatment for a lower price than most other dentists in Europe. For people who needs extensive dental treatment I will  recommend you to contact your local agent for more information.

Is it worth coming here for treatment? It depends... if you want to save money then you have to consider the price of not only the dental works but the flights and hotels too. Typically, if you need implants or more than one crown or bridge then it will be worth it financially. If you need extensive dental treatment then you can be absolutely sure that you are going to save a great deal of money by choosing Kreativ Dental Clinic.

Some people however, come for minor treatments while they are spending their holidays in Budapest so turning their stay into a dental holiday. Combining having dental works done with spending some free time in Budapest is always a good idea. The city can offer a lot for all kinds of people.

No matter if the work you need is big or small, you can trust the expertise of our dentists and the overall quality of our services. To read and watch reviews of Kreativ Dental just visit http://kreativdentalreviews.eu

To contact us turn to your local representative: http://kreativdentalclinic.eu/international-contacts

2014. szeptember 1., hétfő

Back to Kreativ Dental

Tanned and refreshed, I returned to Budapest and Kreativ Dental after three wonderful weeks of vacation in Sweden.  Swedes are not exactly used to nice weather during the summer. If we are lucky, we can have five following days with sunshine without any rain, but then we are lucky. This summer has been totally different. Nice weather every day with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. My husband and I crossed the sea between Sweden and Denmark in our sailing boat. Denmark is one of our favorite destinations during summer. It is quite a long sailing trip so the weather has to be stable. Out there at the sea we didn’t see many boats, actually only one with a Finnish flag.

Skagen is a small cozy city  located at the most northern part of Denmark. I read a lot of positive reviews of it before leaving Kreativ Dental in the summer. Check this lovely sandy beach. And there are many of them!

Despite this fantastic holiday, I was happy to go back to business after three weeks of vacation. What a nice feeling to have such a workplace like Kreativ DentalJ

2014. július 28., hétfő

Dentistry vs. blogging

The nicest thing about being a dentist is that you meet so many nice people every day. At Kreativ Dental we meet people from more or less all parts of Europe, which of course makes it even nicer. Our patients have different cultures, languages ​​and religions but they all have one thing in common; they are looking for affordable, high quality dental care.
Blogging however, appears to be a more asocial activity. I am writing and writing but no response. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my blog at all.
Imagine how happy I would be if I got some nice comments.
Anyway, I wish you a nice August.   I will go home to Sweden on a three weeks’ vacation.
Hope to see you at Kreativ Dental during the autumn.

Contact your local representative and book an appointment already now.

2014. július 18., péntek

Summer news from Kreativ Dental

Dear all readers welcome back. Here at Kreativ Dental we work on as usual, even though the sun is shining outside and the thermometer shows 35 degrees plus. Holiday will be in August when the clinic closes completely week 33 and 34.
I receive daily many mails and phone calls from people in Sweden who have questions about the clinic or who wish to become patients. The most common question I get is: if I get problems when I come back to Sweden after finishing the treatment what should I do? Of course, we hope that this does not happen but if something should happen don’t worry. We have  very good guarantee on work done at Kreativ Dental. ​​Crowns and bridges, for example, have a 5 year guarantee but don’t think that you can eat as much candy as you want and never brush your teeth. Oh no, the guarantee doesn’t cover caries and periodontitis, you have to take care of your teeth even more carefully after a huge treatment.  Also, the patient has to do a yearly check up every year for the guarantee to be valid. It can be done at Kreativ Dental or at your local dentist.  At Kreativ dental the yearly checkup and the x-ray is free.

All guarantee cases are handled individually, and if it turns out to be a guarantee issue the clinic cover the cost for flight and accommodation    for the time it takes to redo the work.

For more information regarding the guarantee please contact your local agent.

2014. június 20., péntek

TGIF- Thank God it's Friday

Even how much I like to work at Kreativ Dental, Friday afternoon is always welcome. It’s a great pleasure to see so many new, nice smiles. Some people have finished the last part of the treatment and they are smiling with their new bright, shiny teeth. In the beginning a little bit hesitant, but after a while they are smiling from ear to ear. After many years with bad teeth they have forgotten how   to smile. Others have finished the first or second stage of their treatment, but even they are happy that they have started the treatment.

Friday is the day of saying “good bye” to people you have learned to know during their stay in Budapest. Friendship arises between the patients, who often spend long periods at the same hotel but also between the patients and us; the staff at Kreativ Dental . For us it is important that all patients feel welcome and that we can have a good time together even if it is about dental treatment.

Finally the waiting room is empty and it is a good feeling going home to the family for a nice and relaxing weekend.

2014. június 11., szerda

Crowns and bridges

Now we can continue to build our construction after finishing the foundation. What can the roots and implants be used for?

The simple answer is crowns, bridges and dentures. We produce crowns in different materials. The cheapest crown is porselain fused to metal  and the more expensive is porselain fused to Zirconium.

The quality is, of course, good on both of them, but a Zirconium crown is nicer because of its light colour. On the front teeth it is also possible to make i.max-crowns which is a full porselain crown.

Implants can even be used as  attachment s for dentures so called „locatordentures”.

If you would like some more information regarding our different treatments you are most welcome to contact your local agent for Kreativ Dental, the name and phone number you will find on this page.

2014. május 21., szerda

The original parts are the best

After all, the original parts are the best so if we can keep the roots we prefer to do so. The roots are attached to the jawbone and can remain so for a lifetime if no inflammation or fractures occur. If a patient is suffering from periodontitis, tooth loss, she will lose parts of the attachment and maybe also the root. Sometimes, even the nerve inside the tooth becomes inflamed and then a root canal treatment or endodontic treatment, as it is called in dental language, is necessary. At Kreativ Dental we have an Endodontic specialist who comes two days a week and perform the more complicated endodontic treatments.

Finally I can recommend you to read our nice reviews from Irish patients who are booked by our excellent Irish agent Mary Flanagan.

2014. május 16., péntek

A few words about dental implants

Hi and welcome back to my blog, nice to have you here. I will now write a little bit more specific about the treatments Kreativ Dental performs and what our patients can expect. As I mentioned earlier, our dentists are very good in reconstructing extremely destroyed bites. Rebuilding a bite is a bit like building a house; the foundation must be stable. A good foundation can either be good roots or implants. The implant is a titanium screw which is drilled into the jawbone and therefore it can replace a lost tooth root. Our highly experienced   surgeon Dr. Lajos Patonay performs a large number of implant surgeries each week, and thanks to this routine and skills he can perform ​​the treatments in a quick and painless way under local anesthesia. Please read some reviews about Kreativ Dental and I am sure that you will find some good words about Dr. Patonay.

2014. május 5., hétfő

Weekdays at the dental clinic

In my last post I tried to describe a Monday at Kreativ Dental. What about the rest of the week?
After the patient has received the treatment plan and the treatment plan has been explained for her, she has to make a decision whether she would like to accept the plan or not. Very often modifications are made, because the first treatment plan is always the optimal treatment from the dentists point of view and sometimes it can be to extensive for the patient.

When finally the treatment plan is accepted and signed the puzzle starts. In 5 days a lot of treatment should be performed by different dentists; the surgeon, the periodontist, the endodontist and the main dentist. Normally the patients have more than one appointment per day, and also that the appointments could be changed, that’s why we recommend them to stay in a hotel close to Kreativ Dental. More about our partner hotels in my next post.

2014. április 24., csütörtök

My great colleagues

What are the characteristics of my talented Hungarian dental colleagues?

On a Monday morning our waiting room is like a railway station; filled up with waiting people and a buzz of different languages. Monday is the day when dentists must make the most major decisions.
One by one, the new patients enter the dentist chair for examination. A panoramic x-ray is then already taken and displayed on the screen next to the dental chair.
The dentist makes a clinical examination and in a short time, a full treatment plan is presented to the patient. This is of course written in the patient’s native language.

I have never met so experienced dentists as at Kreativ Dental. Creating one after the other complex treatment plan during one day is something very difficult, not many dentists are capable to do that.

2014. április 16., szerda

Easter at Kreativ Dental

Time flies and it's already Easter. It is unusual for Kreativ Dental to close on national holidays but Easter Monday is one of the exceptions. The reason for why we rarely close is that we need 5 working days to produce prosthetic work and with respect to our patients, we try to always keep open 5 working days a week. But if I should be completely honest; I think a free long weekend is just what the staff at Kreativ Dental needs now.

This is a Swedish tradition; an egg filled with candy, a dream for a dentist.
So hereby, I wish all readers a happy Easter.

I will return soon with more insights into the everyday life of a dentist at Kreativ Dental Budapest.

2014. április 8., kedd

Viszontlátásra is not a good word to start a blog post with because it means goodbye in Hungarian. I can easily admit that I do not speak or understand much Hungarian, but this is a word you have to know if you live in Hungary. It took me about a week to learn it. I have lived in many parts of the world and get in contact with many languages so I am quite used to learn the most important phrases in every country. Hungarian, however, is something very special. As you can see, from the word I started this post with, it looks and sounds like no other language. I still have ambitions to learn more Hungarian, but as long as all my colleges at the clinic speak more or less perfectly English it goes slowly.

Neither to speak and understand English is easy for some of our patients that’s  why we have translators for Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Italian, French, Finnish, German, Russian and now also Dutch. No person from any country should ever be afraid of coming here because of the language; at Kreativ Dental you can get help in almost any language.

2014. március 27., csütörtök

It feels like it's been forever since I was able to sneak away and write some few lines. Here in Budapest spring has come with all the beautiful colors that it brings. Spring and summer also mean high season at the clinic. Who would not like to go to Budapest when the city is at its most beautiful? As I've written before, it is necessary to have a good organization to get everything to “flow” when we have about 600 patients per month. Kreativ Dental has local agents in several countries that cooperate with the clinic. 

Their job is to promote the clinic to their fellow citizens and to provide information and answer questions. Furthermore, they make an appointment for those people who want to become patients at Kreativ Dental. In addition to book an appointment at the clinic, they also do the booking for hotel and airport shuttle. Thanks to a good booking system, this works perfectly.

2014. március 13., csütörtök

Kreativ Dental is only one clinic among many clinics in several countries dealing with dental tourism.
Why should you choose Kreativ Dental for your dental treatment?

For me, as a dentist, I can give you lots of good reasons why you should choose Kretaiv Dental, but not making this post to long I will give you three good reasons.

Secondly, we have the dental laboratory in the same house which gives the technicians the chance to see the patient and then produce individual crowns and dentures.

Last but not least we have a fantastic service build up around our patients. Every country has their own native speaking agent, our own reception at the airport, airport transfer, partner hotels etc.

I will come back to the details about our service, but now I have to go back to the patients.

2014. március 7., péntek

The start of a day at Kreativ Dental

What a beautiful morning with birds singing and a warming, bright morning sun. Seven thirty in the morning on the way to my job at Kreativ Dental. It is still only February but I can almost smell the spring in the air. Far away, at the end of the long street, I can catch a glimpse of the well-known building with Kreativ Dental in huge letter on the short side of the house. It is a fantastic building in six levels, included the garage. Everything is characterized by perfection; every single detail is well planned.  All this for the patients comfort, not only during treatment, but all the time they spend at Kreativ Dental. More to come about the clinic and treatments, now I have to take care of our patients... Attila Knott, the boss is here watching what I am doing here instead of reviewing my task list :)

2014. február 27., csütörtök

Are you afraid of the dentist?

As a dentist, you are not particularly popular. “Necessary pain” we call it in Sweden.

All people, more or less, find it uncomfortable to go to the dentist. Many are so afraid that they avoid it totally. In the end, it has gone so far that they have to go because of the pain or the inability to chew food. Also the self-confidence and social life suffer. It is at this stage of decay many decide; something must be done. They visit   their local dentist and get a “cold shower” of the price that is presented. They start to search for cheaper, good quality dental treatment abroad. A few months later, they slightly nervously enter   the main entrance at Kreativ Dental. Another few days later they go out through the same entrance again significantly eased. They claim to have gotten rid of dental fear. How can that be? My male, Hungarian colleagues do not look nicer than my Norwegian and Swedish colleges (or maybe) and are not less heavy-handed either. This is something I need to research further on, but the fact remains. Patients lose their dental phobia at Kreativ Dental. The reviews we get many times say this is because of the friendly atmosphere of the clinic.

2014. február 22., szombat

Airport desk of Kreativ Dental

So many times I have been standing in the arrival hall at Budapest airport and waiting for our oldest son, who lives and studies in Sweden. When he calls and asks if he can come and visit, I know that he is hungry and out of money. Of course it hurts a mother's heart. Well back to topic, when I'm standing there waiting, it feels like I'm at a marketplace in Kuala Lumpur; So many people, so crowded, taxi drivers shouting and especially all the people with name tags waiting for someone. That's when I feel extra proud of Kreativ Dentals own arrival reception, located next to the  rental car desks terminal 2B, where our patients can go and wait for our drivers in peaceful and quiet environment.

When you come to Kreativ Dental for any kind of dental treatment you will be met here by the staff and taken to your hotel or straight to the clinic by our shuttle service. At the end of your treatment the airport shuttle will take you back to the airport of course.

2014. február 13., csütörtök

Fair in Norway

Sunday night with tired legs on a hotel room in Tonsberg, Norway. Outside the window the snow is falling and    it feels nice to sit inside and look out over the beautiful winter landscape with the sea in the background. Another successful fair with Kreativ Dental is at an end.

It is important for Kreativ Dental to reach out to people and make them aware of the possibility to get qualitative good dentistry to an affordable price. A pleasant and great way to do this is to attend the fairs. In Norway, this way to communicate the message  works fine. The majority of Kreativ Dental's patients come from Norway and therefore  Kreativ Dental and its Norwegian partner Tannreiser are already a familiar concept in the country.
During these days in Tonsberg, we have met many new people, who will hopefully become new patients, but we have also met several patients, who are already treated at Kreativ Dental. Many of them just come to meet us. Very nice!

2014. február 9., vasárnap

First contact with dental tourism

Back in July 2012, I was happily unaware that dental tourism even existed. The term “dental tourism” was still unknown for me. As a Swedish dentist, born and grown up in Sweden, I didn’t know anything about Hungarian dentistry.

When my husband’s job once again brought us to Budapest I decided to go back to business. I missed the lovely smell of “dentist” and the singing sound of high speed drills.
The destiny brought me to Kreativ Dental Clinic, located in the fourteenth district on the Pest side.
I must admit that at first I was a little disappointed the first time I stepped into Kreativ Dental and didn’t feel the slightest smell of “dentist”. The clinic was clinically clean, something I really appreciate today.

If I then, in July 2012, did not know anything about dental tourism I am sure I know everything worth to know now, 18 month later.  It is about dental tourism in general and about Kreativ Dental in particular that this blog will be about.