2014. február 22., szombat

Airport desk of Kreativ Dental

So many times I have been standing in the arrival hall at Budapest airport and waiting for our oldest son, who lives and studies in Sweden. When he calls and asks if he can come and visit, I know that he is hungry and out of money. Of course it hurts a mother's heart. Well back to topic, when I'm standing there waiting, it feels like I'm at a marketplace in Kuala Lumpur; So many people, so crowded, taxi drivers shouting and especially all the people with name tags waiting for someone. That's when I feel extra proud of Kreativ Dentals own arrival reception, located next to the  rental car desks terminal 2B, where our patients can go and wait for our drivers in peaceful and quiet environment.

When you come to Kreativ Dental for any kind of dental treatment you will be met here by the staff and taken to your hotel or straight to the clinic by our shuttle service. At the end of your treatment the airport shuttle will take you back to the airport of course.

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