2014. február 13., csütörtök

Fair in Norway

Sunday night with tired legs on a hotel room in Tonsberg, Norway. Outside the window the snow is falling and    it feels nice to sit inside and look out over the beautiful winter landscape with the sea in the background. Another successful fair with Kreativ Dental is at an end.

It is important for Kreativ Dental to reach out to people and make them aware of the possibility to get qualitative good dentistry to an affordable price. A pleasant and great way to do this is to attend the fairs. In Norway, this way to communicate the message  works fine. The majority of Kreativ Dental's patients come from Norway and therefore  Kreativ Dental and its Norwegian partner Tannreiser are already a familiar concept in the country.
During these days in Tonsberg, we have met many new people, who will hopefully become new patients, but we have also met several patients, who are already treated at Kreativ Dental. Many of them just come to meet us. Very nice!

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