2014. február 27., csütörtök

Are you afraid of the dentist?

As a dentist, you are not particularly popular. “Necessary pain” we call it in Sweden.

All people, more or less, find it uncomfortable to go to the dentist. Many are so afraid that they avoid it totally. In the end, it has gone so far that they have to go because of the pain or the inability to chew food. Also the self-confidence and social life suffer. It is at this stage of decay many decide; something must be done. They visit   their local dentist and get a “cold shower” of the price that is presented. They start to search for cheaper, good quality dental treatment abroad. A few months later, they slightly nervously enter   the main entrance at Kreativ Dental. Another few days later they go out through the same entrance again significantly eased. They claim to have gotten rid of dental fear. How can that be? My male, Hungarian colleagues do not look nicer than my Norwegian and Swedish colleges (or maybe) and are not less heavy-handed either. This is something I need to research further on, but the fact remains. Patients lose their dental phobia at Kreativ Dental. The reviews we get many times say this is because of the friendly atmosphere of the clinic.

2014. február 22., szombat

Airport desk of Kreativ Dental

So many times I have been standing in the arrival hall at Budapest airport and waiting for our oldest son, who lives and studies in Sweden. When he calls and asks if he can come and visit, I know that he is hungry and out of money. Of course it hurts a mother's heart. Well back to topic, when I'm standing there waiting, it feels like I'm at a marketplace in Kuala Lumpur; So many people, so crowded, taxi drivers shouting and especially all the people with name tags waiting for someone. That's when I feel extra proud of Kreativ Dentals own arrival reception, located next to the  rental car desks terminal 2B, where our patients can go and wait for our drivers in peaceful and quiet environment.

When you come to Kreativ Dental for any kind of dental treatment you will be met here by the staff and taken to your hotel or straight to the clinic by our shuttle service. At the end of your treatment the airport shuttle will take you back to the airport of course.

2014. február 13., csütörtök

Fair in Norway

Sunday night with tired legs on a hotel room in Tonsberg, Norway. Outside the window the snow is falling and    it feels nice to sit inside and look out over the beautiful winter landscape with the sea in the background. Another successful fair with Kreativ Dental is at an end.

It is important for Kreativ Dental to reach out to people and make them aware of the possibility to get qualitative good dentistry to an affordable price. A pleasant and great way to do this is to attend the fairs. In Norway, this way to communicate the message  works fine. The majority of Kreativ Dental's patients come from Norway and therefore  Kreativ Dental and its Norwegian partner Tannreiser are already a familiar concept in the country.
During these days in Tonsberg, we have met many new people, who will hopefully become new patients, but we have also met several patients, who are already treated at Kreativ Dental. Many of them just come to meet us. Very nice!

2014. február 9., vasárnap

First contact with dental tourism

Back in July 2012, I was happily unaware that dental tourism even existed. The term “dental tourism” was still unknown for me. As a Swedish dentist, born and grown up in Sweden, I didn’t know anything about Hungarian dentistry.

When my husband’s job once again brought us to Budapest I decided to go back to business. I missed the lovely smell of “dentist” and the singing sound of high speed drills.
The destiny brought me to Kreativ Dental Clinic, located in the fourteenth district on the Pest side.
I must admit that at first I was a little disappointed the first time I stepped into Kreativ Dental and didn’t feel the slightest smell of “dentist”. The clinic was clinically clean, something I really appreciate today.

If I then, in July 2012, did not know anything about dental tourism I am sure I know everything worth to know now, 18 month later.  It is about dental tourism in general and about Kreativ Dental in particular that this blog will be about.