2014. június 20., péntek

TGIF- Thank God it's Friday

Even how much I like to work at Kreativ Dental, Friday afternoon is always welcome. It’s a great pleasure to see so many new, nice smiles. Some people have finished the last part of the treatment and they are smiling with their new bright, shiny teeth. In the beginning a little bit hesitant, but after a while they are smiling from ear to ear. After many years with bad teeth they have forgotten how   to smile. Others have finished the first or second stage of their treatment, but even they are happy that they have started the treatment.

Friday is the day of saying “good bye” to people you have learned to know during their stay in Budapest. Friendship arises between the patients, who often spend long periods at the same hotel but also between the patients and us; the staff at Kreativ Dental . For us it is important that all patients feel welcome and that we can have a good time together even if it is about dental treatment.

Finally the waiting room is empty and it is a good feeling going home to the family for a nice and relaxing weekend.

2014. június 11., szerda

Crowns and bridges

Now we can continue to build our construction after finishing the foundation. What can the roots and implants be used for?

The simple answer is crowns, bridges and dentures. We produce crowns in different materials. The cheapest crown is porselain fused to metal  and the more expensive is porselain fused to Zirconium.

The quality is, of course, good on both of them, but a Zirconium crown is nicer because of its light colour. On the front teeth it is also possible to make i.max-crowns which is a full porselain crown.

Implants can even be used as  attachment s for dentures so called „locatordentures”.

If you would like some more information regarding our different treatments you are most welcome to contact your local agent for Kreativ Dental, the name and phone number you will find on this page.