2014. április 24., csütörtök

My great colleagues

What are the characteristics of my talented Hungarian dental colleagues?

On a Monday morning our waiting room is like a railway station; filled up with waiting people and a buzz of different languages. Monday is the day when dentists must make the most major decisions.
One by one, the new patients enter the dentist chair for examination. A panoramic x-ray is then already taken and displayed on the screen next to the dental chair.
The dentist makes a clinical examination and in a short time, a full treatment plan is presented to the patient. This is of course written in the patient’s native language.

I have never met so experienced dentists as at Kreativ Dental. Creating one after the other complex treatment plan during one day is something very difficult, not many dentists are capable to do that.

2014. április 16., szerda

Easter at Kreativ Dental

Time flies and it's already Easter. It is unusual for Kreativ Dental to close on national holidays but Easter Monday is one of the exceptions. The reason for why we rarely close is that we need 5 working days to produce prosthetic work and with respect to our patients, we try to always keep open 5 working days a week. But if I should be completely honest; I think a free long weekend is just what the staff at Kreativ Dental needs now.

This is a Swedish tradition; an egg filled with candy, a dream for a dentist.
So hereby, I wish all readers a happy Easter.

I will return soon with more insights into the everyday life of a dentist at Kreativ Dental Budapest.

2014. április 8., kedd

Viszontlátásra is not a good word to start a blog post with because it means goodbye in Hungarian. I can easily admit that I do not speak or understand much Hungarian, but this is a word you have to know if you live in Hungary. It took me about a week to learn it. I have lived in many parts of the world and get in contact with many languages so I am quite used to learn the most important phrases in every country. Hungarian, however, is something very special. As you can see, from the word I started this post with, it looks and sounds like no other language. I still have ambitions to learn more Hungarian, but as long as all my colleges at the clinic speak more or less perfectly English it goes slowly.

Neither to speak and understand English is easy for some of our patients that’s  why we have translators for Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Italian, French, Finnish, German, Russian and now also Dutch. No person from any country should ever be afraid of coming here because of the language; at Kreativ Dental you can get help in almost any language.