2014. március 27., csütörtök

It feels like it's been forever since I was able to sneak away and write some few lines. Here in Budapest spring has come with all the beautiful colors that it brings. Spring and summer also mean high season at the clinic. Who would not like to go to Budapest when the city is at its most beautiful? As I've written before, it is necessary to have a good organization to get everything to “flow” when we have about 600 patients per month. Kreativ Dental has local agents in several countries that cooperate with the clinic. 

Their job is to promote the clinic to their fellow citizens and to provide information and answer questions. Furthermore, they make an appointment for those people who want to become patients at Kreativ Dental. In addition to book an appointment at the clinic, they also do the booking for hotel and airport shuttle. Thanks to a good booking system, this works perfectly.

2014. március 13., csütörtök

Kreativ Dental is only one clinic among many clinics in several countries dealing with dental tourism.
Why should you choose Kreativ Dental for your dental treatment?

For me, as a dentist, I can give you lots of good reasons why you should choose Kretaiv Dental, but not making this post to long I will give you three good reasons.

Secondly, we have the dental laboratory in the same house which gives the technicians the chance to see the patient and then produce individual crowns and dentures.

Last but not least we have a fantastic service build up around our patients. Every country has their own native speaking agent, our own reception at the airport, airport transfer, partner hotels etc.

I will come back to the details about our service, but now I have to go back to the patients.

2014. március 7., péntek

The start of a day at Kreativ Dental

What a beautiful morning with birds singing and a warming, bright morning sun. Seven thirty in the morning on the way to my job at Kreativ Dental. It is still only February but I can almost smell the spring in the air. Far away, at the end of the long street, I can catch a glimpse of the well-known building with Kreativ Dental in huge letter on the short side of the house. It is a fantastic building in six levels, included the garage. Everything is characterized by perfection; every single detail is well planned.  All this for the patients comfort, not only during treatment, but all the time they spend at Kreativ Dental. More to come about the clinic and treatments, now I have to take care of our patients... Attila Knott, the boss is here watching what I am doing here instead of reviewing my task list :)