2014. március 7., péntek

The start of a day at Kreativ Dental

What a beautiful morning with birds singing and a warming, bright morning sun. Seven thirty in the morning on the way to my job at Kreativ Dental. It is still only February but I can almost smell the spring in the air. Far away, at the end of the long street, I can catch a glimpse of the well-known building with Kreativ Dental in huge letter on the short side of the house. It is a fantastic building in six levels, included the garage. Everything is characterized by perfection; every single detail is well planned.  All this for the patients comfort, not only during treatment, but all the time they spend at Kreativ Dental. More to come about the clinic and treatments, now I have to take care of our patients... Attila Knott, the boss is here watching what I am doing here instead of reviewing my task list :)

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