2015. március 15., vasárnap

Kreativ Dental, the founder of dental tourism

Yesterday morning I enjoyed my  coffee in front of the computer searching for dental clinics in Budapest dealing with dental tourism, I like to keep control of our competitors.

When I saw the number of clinics offer the same service as Kreativ Dental I can easily understand why Budapest is called “The capital of dentistry”. New dental-tourism- clinics are popping up like mushrooms and parallel to them agency companies conveying  dental services. Me, as a contact person for Swedish patients who want dental treatment at Kreativ Dental, have almost been alone on the market before but not any longer. Yesterday I could easily count to at least 6 Swedish companies dealing with the same thing, dental tourism in Budapest. Remember one thing; Kreativ Dental is “The Founder Clinic of Dental Tourism in Europe” and have been existing since 1998. Every year the number of treated patients are growing.  This is very important to think about before you decide which clinic should perform your dental care. Kreativ Dental has extensive experience treating huge and difficult cases and also the number of positive Kreativ Dental reviews is outstanding. We will also exist in the future so You can feel welcome to return for your annual checkup.

2015. március 4., szerda

Dental Crowns vs. Fillings.

As soon as you get a  cavity in a tooth  the dentist has to drill to remove the bad part of the tooth and make a filling. After few years there will be a new cavity in the edge of the filling, the filling cracks or the tooth cracks and then the dentist has to drill again and make an even bigger filling. So it continues until almost the entire tooth consists of a filling. 

Whats happen next is that the rest of the tooth, including the root, fracture and the only treatment possible is extraction and bridge or implant. This is a typical scenario that should be avoided and therefore the dentists recommend dental crowns  instead of large fillings.  

Crown treatments are recommended trying to save teeth, not only to earn more money like many patients seem to believe.

At Kreativ Dental we have so good prices on dental crowns so do not hesitate until it is to late.