2014. május 21., szerda

The original parts are the best

After all, the original parts are the best so if we can keep the roots we prefer to do so. The roots are attached to the jawbone and can remain so for a lifetime if no inflammation or fractures occur. If a patient is suffering from periodontitis, tooth loss, she will lose parts of the attachment and maybe also the root. Sometimes, even the nerve inside the tooth becomes inflamed and then a root canal treatment or endodontic treatment, as it is called in dental language, is necessary. At Kreativ Dental we have an Endodontic specialist who comes two days a week and perform the more complicated endodontic treatments.

Finally I can recommend you to read our nice reviews from Irish patients who are booked by our excellent Irish agent Mary Flanagan.

2014. május 16., péntek

A few words about dental implants

Hi and welcome back to my blog, nice to have you here. I will now write a little bit more specific about the treatments Kreativ Dental performs and what our patients can expect. As I mentioned earlier, our dentists are very good in reconstructing extremely destroyed bites. Rebuilding a bite is a bit like building a house; the foundation must be stable. A good foundation can either be good roots or implants. The implant is a titanium screw which is drilled into the jawbone and therefore it can replace a lost tooth root. Our highly experienced   surgeon Dr. Lajos Patonay performs a large number of implant surgeries each week, and thanks to this routine and skills he can perform ​​the treatments in a quick and painless way under local anesthesia. Please read some reviews about Kreativ Dental and I am sure that you will find some good words about Dr. Patonay.

2014. május 5., hétfő

Weekdays at the dental clinic

In my last post I tried to describe a Monday at Kreativ Dental. What about the rest of the week?
After the patient has received the treatment plan and the treatment plan has been explained for her, she has to make a decision whether she would like to accept the plan or not. Very often modifications are made, because the first treatment plan is always the optimal treatment from the dentists point of view and sometimes it can be to extensive for the patient.

When finally the treatment plan is accepted and signed the puzzle starts. In 5 days a lot of treatment should be performed by different dentists; the surgeon, the periodontist, the endodontist and the main dentist. Normally the patients have more than one appointment per day, and also that the appointments could be changed, that’s why we recommend them to stay in a hotel close to Kreativ Dental. More about our partner hotels in my next post.