2014. május 16., péntek

A few words about dental implants

Hi and welcome back to my blog, nice to have you here. I will now write a little bit more specific about the treatments Kreativ Dental performs and what our patients can expect. As I mentioned earlier, our dentists are very good in reconstructing extremely destroyed bites. Rebuilding a bite is a bit like building a house; the foundation must be stable. A good foundation can either be good roots or implants. The implant is a titanium screw which is drilled into the jawbone and therefore it can replace a lost tooth root. Our highly experienced   surgeon Dr. Lajos Patonay performs a large number of implant surgeries each week, and thanks to this routine and skills he can perform ​​the treatments in a quick and painless way under local anesthesia. Please read some reviews about Kreativ Dental and I am sure that you will find some good words about Dr. Patonay.

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