2014. február 27., csütörtök

Are you afraid of the dentist?

As a dentist, you are not particularly popular. “Necessary pain” we call it in Sweden.

All people, more or less, find it uncomfortable to go to the dentist. Many are so afraid that they avoid it totally. In the end, it has gone so far that they have to go because of the pain or the inability to chew food. Also the self-confidence and social life suffer. It is at this stage of decay many decide; something must be done. They visit   their local dentist and get a “cold shower” of the price that is presented. They start to search for cheaper, good quality dental treatment abroad. A few months later, they slightly nervously enter   the main entrance at Kreativ Dental. Another few days later they go out through the same entrance again significantly eased. They claim to have gotten rid of dental fear. How can that be? My male, Hungarian colleagues do not look nicer than my Norwegian and Swedish colleges (or maybe) and are not less heavy-handed either. This is something I need to research further on, but the fact remains. Patients lose their dental phobia at Kreativ Dental. The reviews we get many times say this is because of the friendly atmosphere of the clinic.

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