2014. február 9., vasárnap

First contact with dental tourism

Back in July 2012, I was happily unaware that dental tourism even existed. The term “dental tourism” was still unknown for me. As a Swedish dentist, born and grown up in Sweden, I didn’t know anything about Hungarian dentistry.

When my husband’s job once again brought us to Budapest I decided to go back to business. I missed the lovely smell of “dentist” and the singing sound of high speed drills.
The destiny brought me to Kreativ Dental Clinic, located in the fourteenth district on the Pest side.
I must admit that at first I was a little disappointed the first time I stepped into Kreativ Dental and didn’t feel the slightest smell of “dentist”. The clinic was clinically clean, something I really appreciate today.

If I then, in July 2012, did not know anything about dental tourism I am sure I know everything worth to know now, 18 month later.  It is about dental tourism in general and about Kreativ Dental in particular that this blog will be about.

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