2014. július 18., péntek

Summer news from Kreativ Dental

Dear all readers welcome back. Here at Kreativ Dental we work on as usual, even though the sun is shining outside and the thermometer shows 35 degrees plus. Holiday will be in August when the clinic closes completely week 33 and 34.
I receive daily many mails and phone calls from people in Sweden who have questions about the clinic or who wish to become patients. The most common question I get is: if I get problems when I come back to Sweden after finishing the treatment what should I do? Of course, we hope that this does not happen but if something should happen don’t worry. We have  very good guarantee on work done at Kreativ Dental. ​​Crowns and bridges, for example, have a 5 year guarantee but don’t think that you can eat as much candy as you want and never brush your teeth. Oh no, the guarantee doesn’t cover caries and periodontitis, you have to take care of your teeth even more carefully after a huge treatment.  Also, the patient has to do a yearly check up every year for the guarantee to be valid. It can be done at Kreativ Dental or at your local dentist.  At Kreativ dental the yearly checkup and the x-ray is free.

All guarantee cases are handled individually, and if it turns out to be a guarantee issue the clinic cover the cost for flight and accommodation    for the time it takes to redo the work.

For more information regarding the guarantee please contact your local agent.

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