2014. november 21., péntek

Our dental laboratory at Kreativ Dental

The key to success is teamwork. You have already read about how Kreativ Dental cooperate with our country representatives throughout Europe and in the USA, how Kreativ Dental cooperate with our drivers, how Kreativ Dental cooperates with the partner hotels etc. Still I have not mentioned the most important teamwork; the teamwork between the dentists and the dental technicians.  Kreativ Dental is unique in that way that the clinic has an in-house dental lab with 20 professional technicians.

To have a dental lab in the same building as the clinic has many advantages. Treatments can be performed faster because of  minimized delivery times, and most important of all is that the dental technician can see the patient and in that way producing teeth that suits her.
Feel free to ask about a tour at the lab when you come as a patient, we are more than willing to show you how the technicians work.

“A chain can never be stronger than the weakest link”, that is why Kreativ Dental is professional in every step.

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