2014. szeptember 1., hétfő

Back to Kreativ Dental

Tanned and refreshed, I returned to Budapest and Kreativ Dental after three wonderful weeks of vacation in Sweden.  Swedes are not exactly used to nice weather during the summer. If we are lucky, we can have five following days with sunshine without any rain, but then we are lucky. This summer has been totally different. Nice weather every day with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. My husband and I crossed the sea between Sweden and Denmark in our sailing boat. Denmark is one of our favorite destinations during summer. It is quite a long sailing trip so the weather has to be stable. Out there at the sea we didn’t see many boats, actually only one with a Finnish flag.

Skagen is a small cozy city  located at the most northern part of Denmark. I read a lot of positive reviews of it before leaving Kreativ Dental in the summer. Check this lovely sandy beach. And there are many of them!

Despite this fantastic holiday, I was happy to go back to business after three weeks of vacation. What a nice feeling to have such a workplace like Kreativ DentalJ

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