2014. szeptember 30., kedd

September greetings

Dear readers, I hope you are all doing well.

Summer is over and the winter is slowly coming closer. The nights are getting colder. Yesterday morning I could, for the first time in a long time, feel that the heating system in our house was running. Many people dislike this part of the year when days get shorter and the temperature is sinking. For me the autumn and winter are always welcome. The autumn is the most beautiful season with its lovely colors in the nature and the fresh air after a long and hot summer.   

At Kreativ Dental we have more patients than ever and I am so pleased to see that so many people have chosen Kreativ Dental for their dental treatment.

As a dentist I know that there are many highly skilled dentists in all countries so why choose Kreativ Dental in Budapest? The answer is that we can do high quality dental treatment for a lower price than most other dentists in Europe. For people who needs extensive dental treatment I will  recommend you to contact your local agent for more information.

Is it worth coming here for treatment? It depends... if you want to save money then you have to consider the price of not only the dental works but the flights and hotels too. Typically, if you need implants or more than one crown or bridge then it will be worth it financially. If you need extensive dental treatment then you can be absolutely sure that you are going to save a great deal of money by choosing Kreativ Dental Clinic.

Some people however, come for minor treatments while they are spending their holidays in Budapest so turning their stay into a dental holiday. Combining having dental works done with spending some free time in Budapest is always a good idea. The city can offer a lot for all kinds of people.

No matter if the work you need is big or small, you can trust the expertise of our dentists and the overall quality of our services. To read and watch reviews of Kreativ Dental just visit http://kreativdentalreviews.eu

To contact us turn to your local representative: http://kreativdentalclinic.eu/international-contacts

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