2015. április 7., kedd

Unpleasant surprises

Hi and welcome back after a long and delightful Easter weekend. Despite the cold weather, I have enjoyed it so much.  Delicious food and drinks and of course the nice company. Our three sons came from Sweden to celebrate with us and what can make a mother more happy :)

Back to topic, why do you think there are so many people who are not regularly going to the dentist?

I know the answer. 

First, because of the price. Many people can simply not afford it.

Secondly, because of fear.

The fact is that the longer you wait with your dental visit the more expensive it becomes and the more afraid you will be. Sometimes I think that the fear is not only for pain but also for the price.

Kreativ Dental can offer you high quality dental treatment at an affordable price. 

At Kreativ Dental you will receive a detailed treatment plan with detailed prices. If something, unpredictable, happens during the treatment we always inform the patients and a new treatment plan will be set up. In this way you will never get any unpleasant surprises regarding the final price.
If you would like to know more about Kreativ Dental I can recommend you to contact any of our local agents for more information.

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